Silverstone events, race meetings and track activities have been suspended until 30th June

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Our dynamic team of medical professionals provide exceptional care in the pre-hospital environment – making us one of the best on-site medical services of all the racing circuits in the world. We look after competitors, team members, spectators, contractors and Silverstone staff alike – anyone at the venue that needs us.

Positioned in the middle of the circuit, right next to the national pits and paddock we are equipped to reach the scene of an accident within 90 seconds during licensed race meetings. We are proud to have some of the most advanced technology available and a dedicated landing site for medical helicopters, with a flying time to the nearest Major Trauma Centre of 12 minutes.

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Talk to our committed team at Silverstone Medical Services

luluhei在线视频24小时0844 3728 340

Calls will cost you 7 pence per minute plus your phone company’s access charge. Please contact your provider for more information.

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luluhei在线视频24小时The Silverstone Medical Team is a multi-disciplinary group of clinicians, most of whom are normally employed in the NHS or in private practice.  The size of our team varies depending on the track schedule – for our largest event, the Formula 1 British Grand Prix, we have over 100 medical staff working at the venue, with a quarter of those being based in the Medical Centre.

The team includes, 

  • Doctors (predominantly anaesthetists, surgeons, GPs and emergency medicine specialists)
  • Nurses
  • Paramedics
  • Emergency Medical Technicians and Emergency Care Assistants
  • Radiographers and Sonographers


Our Facilities

The Silverstone Medical Centre meets or exceeds the requirements of both national and international motorsport governing bodies and is registered with the Care Quality Commission.

The Medical Centre facilities include the following,

  • 4 bay Resuscitation Room
  • 2 x 4 bay Observation Areas
  • 2 bay Minor Treatment Room
  • Imaging Suite (equipped with the latest digital x-ray and ultrasound equipment courtesy of Philips Healthcare)
  • Burns Unit
  • Four fast intervention cars
  • Four ambulances

luluhei在线视频24小时Additional track safety resources operated by the Silverstone Marshals Team include fire tenders and rescue units.

Existing Members

Existing members of our team can access the E+Manager suite .

luluhei在线视频24小时Please bear with us, the website is currently undergoing maintenance but we expect to be back online shortly. Thank you for your patience.

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